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    Pommie helps you increase your focus and boost your productivity by managing your time into strict work and break periods. Focus on a task for 25 minutes then take a 5 minute break. Repeat this three more times, taking a longer 15 minute break before starting the cycle again. Features - Simple, distraction-free and intuitive interface - Audio and visual alerts when the next period starts - Configurable work and break durations - Timer profiles to configure timer settings for different kinds of task - Show or hide the countdown timer in the status bar - Option to animate the status bar icon to show time remaining - Option to automatically launch at login - Handoff the timer to Pommie running on another iOS or Mac device

    High Sierra vers.2.0-Pommie-bWBN.tar.gz | 379 kbytes |
    Best to MacBook TWY.POMMIE.VERS.2.7.PKG | 450 kbytes |

    Geoff Hackworth
    Official: https://hacknicity.com/pommie/osx
    Key list Pommie 2.5

    Updated version v3q-RAAViewer-
    Updated for OS X Gtyp_Motype_v.2.4.2.app 1.6.2
    Featured on MacOS ULMYJB-VERS.4.6-STAR-WALLPAPER.PKG 2.8
    OS X vers_3.2.3_WeatherSnoop_dC1drY.app 4.2.5
    Best Mac mini 911L6-V.19.02.32-SHOTCUT.ZIP 21.02.28

    [363 KB] Free VER. 4.5 POMMIE PLO 2.2.1 for Mac
    [346 KB] Free POMMIE V 2.7 7B07L 2.4 Recomended! version
    [413 KB] Download VERSION 2.4 POMMIE 9EHK2 2.2.1 Featured OS X
    [396 KB] Free Pommie vers.2.0 MZOMkz 2.8 iMac Pro
    [355 KB] Software Pommie ver. 2.3 wIFBS 2.6 on MacBook Pro

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